Insider Advice to New Hires

December 14th, 2017:

A peek inside Goddard this week: We're welcoming new hires!

For those onboarding, prospective applicants, and the "just curious," here's the secret to success at Goddard:

  1. Never sink alone. When in doubt, ask for help. Engineers and designers at Goddard have worked on life saving tools for the battlefield, instruments to make surgeries safer, and even how to make the perfect first cup of coffee in the morning. Don't hesitate to draw on the team's diverse experience.
  2. Be a sponge. You will work on industrial products, medical devices, and parts that will reach millions in production. Seek opportunities to leverage insight from one industry and apply it elsewhere.
  3. Present effectively. At its core, what value are you delivering? Communicate clearly and concisely, always with the audience in mind.
  4. Take the time to deliver outstanding results. 90% of our clients come to us more than once. In an industry too focused on hourly rates and cost cutting, we will always deliver quality results. Take the time required to make this happen.

Looking for your next big opportunity? We're continually searching for talent. Send us a note with something cool you've worked on recently.

Stuck on a technical problem and want to talk about it? Give us a call.

-James Fox, Business Development & Strategy Manager