Engineering: Computational Analysis, FEA and CFD
We use FEA and CFD tools to help efficiently design many types of products. To help validate our design these tools can be used to evaluate structural integrity, material selection and thermal management and many other factors. When used properly these tools help accelerate the development from concept to production.
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As part of validating designs, our team handles structural Finite Element Analysis (FEA) both for linear and non-linear stress strain levels. A design is not a valid design until we can prove that it will survive the loadings or impact forces seen in its operational environment. A “virtual drop test” can reveal fatal flaws in a design from housing weaknesses to fastener weaknesses to impact loads caused by heavy internal components. Using Solidworks Simulation, Goddard can simulate a fall from any height, and we are happy to offer and implement design recommendations to improve your product.

Our  team also handles Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) using CFDesign. Here, a design is not a valid design until we can prove that it will operate under the cooling, venting, or flow requirements needed for proper adherence to specification. Fluid dynamic analysis can be a critical part of the design path for air flow or fluid flow systems. Goddard uses CFDesign to analyze forces, pressure, fluid speeds, and temperature.

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