IQMD: Pin Cutter
  • Through a unique partnership with a client, our team was able to create a new and truly unique medical device.

    By working with Small Joint Orthopedists, a need and problem were discovered. The wire cutting pliers used in hand surgeries created a somewhat dangerous situation for both the OR personnel and the patient undergoing a procedure. First, the surgeon was unable to cut the K-Wire, used to repair the broken fingers, close to it’s end. Second, often times a sharp piece of cut wire was propelled across the room.

    It was also discovered that the grip strength necessary to cut the wire would engage major muscle groups, resulting in the unwanted effect of limiting fine motor control for up to 20 minutes. This presents a major problem when a surgeon must then suture small and delicate tissues within the hand. After many months of research and several rounds of prototypes, the pin-cutter was finalized.

    This new device solves two major problems. First, it allows a very close and precise cut for the wire while it captures the end. Next, it gives the surgeon a 20-to-1 mechanical advantage; therefore, less strength is needed and fine motor control in maintained. The pin cutter has provided a revolutionary new tool for many specialized orthopedists.

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