MIS Hip Distractor Boot
We were approached by some of the leaders in orthopedic surgery to help change how hip replacement surgery was conducted.
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  • We engaged with Arthrex and Allen Medical to enable an entirely new and innovative way of performing hip replacement surgeries. By working directly with surgeons, physicians' assistants, and our design team, we engineered a revolutionary system. This system has changed the way patients recover from hip replacement surgery by cutting the recovery time nearly in half and protecting the patient from injury during a complex procedure. Designing a highly functional system that is also styled to convey the next generation and user friendly aspects of the system was key to the success of this project.

    A deep understanding of the problem at hand paired with a thoughtful concept exploration process allowed us to lay out the ground work for the device. Beginning with the current system, an in-depth understanding of the use case allowed us to develop and test various mechanical concepts to ensure the function of the new device would be optimal. Once the mechanical foundation was complete, our design team explored the ergonomics and styling cues necessary to develop a class leading aesthetic.

    After many rounds of mechanical design iteration, the final system was completed and tested. This was followed with a robust design for manufacturing and value engineering effort. This system has been the bestselling of its kind for more than three years.

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