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Zimmer Titan

Client: Zimmer Biomet

Objective: Design for manufacturing to allow the company to rethink manufacturing process, decrease piece-count, and rearrange components within system for ease of manufacturing, while also modernizing the aesthetics to fit in modern operating room.


  • Performed Market Research to identify opportunities for improvement in use, and design, as well as competitors
  • Involved Industrial Design and Mechanical Engineering  early to best balance the design inputs with manufacturability and cost inputs
  • Involved their Contract Manufacturer in the development process to helps us understand their restraints, and in turn engineer and design in a way that maximizes manufacturability
  • Performed Internal Plastics engineering, and Internal Chassis engineering


Zimmer engaged with Goddard to redesign their legacy tourniquet system used during surgical procedures. A team of Goddard’s industrial designers, and mechanical engineers were tasked with a complete redesign of the system’s exterior; the legacy system had been lagging in sales, and sellers had informed Zimmer that the design did not fit in with the layout of modern operating rooms.This effort aimed to modernize the Titan’s appeal and improve its usability, with the ultimate goal of boosting sales.

Goddard modernized the system’s usability, creating a product with a large touchscreen user interface. The team re-imagined the system’s handle after learning that the device was rarely being lifted on its own. We also implemented design and engineering modifications to the exterior surfaces of the system to improve manufacturability.


  • Commercialization by the client, as engineering and designed by Goddard
  • Improved operator use by allowing for a more prominent Graphic User interface
  • Improved operator use, and ease of relocation by designing system to be mountable on IV pole and/or horizontal surface
  • Improved operator use, and ease of relocation by incorporated a carrying handle into design
  • Improved operator use by designing surface for ease of cleaning

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