To provide industry leading engineering and design services, ensuring complete client satisfaction and repeat business.

Our success is driven by an interdisciplinary development process that combines extensive and diverse engineering experience with manufacturable and creative industrial design solutions.  We are the leaders in product design and engineering in the greater Boston area. 

Our logo reflects the culmination of a long research effort designed to distill the core values of our company. The gear exemplifies the technical precision of our engineers while the lower ring symbolizes the vision and innovation of our industrial designers. The center ring bonds the two disciplines together and represents our unique product development process. This proven recipe continues to give our clients the highest standard in on time and on budget product development.


Andrew Goddard, CEO & Owner
Andrew Goddard
CEO & Owner
Sean Albert
Partner & President
Phil Bussone
Partner & Principal Engineer
Corey Smigleski
Corey Smigelski
Partner & General Manager
Charlie Sears
VP, Operations & Project Management
James Fox, Business Development & Strategy Manager
James Fox
Business Development & Strategy Manager
Tara Colameta, Accountant
Tara Colameta
Orlando Soto, Principal Mechanical Design Engineer
Orlando Soto
Principal Mechanical Design Engineer
Tim Johnson, Principal Mechanical Design Engineer
Tim Johnson
Principal Mechanical Design Engineer
Andrew Calabrese, Senior Mechanical Engineer
Andrew Calabrese
Senior Mechanical Engineer
Benjamin Lawler, Senior Mechanical Engineer
Benjamin Lawler
Senior Mechanical Engineer
Christopher Magnin, Senior Mechanical Engineer
Christopher Magnin
Senior Mechanical Engineer
Kyle Woodard, Senior Mechanical Engineer
Kyle Woodard
Senior Mechanical Engineer
Mark Foley, Senior Mechanical Designer
Mark Foley
Senior Mechanical Designer
Omar Bermudez, Senior Industrial Designer
Omar Bermudez
Senior Industrial Designer
Dan Gutierrez, Mechanical Design Engineer
Dan Gutierrez
Mechanical Design Engineer
David Tortoriello, Mechanical Design Engineer
David Tortoriello
Mechanical Design Engineer
Drew Zdeblick, Senior Mechanical Engineer
Drew Zdeblick
Senior Mechanical Engineer
Gary Carlson, Mechanical Design Engineer
Gary Carlson
Mechanical Design Engineer
Igor Babushkin, Mechanical Design Engineer
Igor Babushkin
Mechanical Design Engineer
Matthew Burns, Mechanical Design Engineer
Matthew Burns
Mechanical Design Engineer
Casandra Ceri, Junior Mechanical Design Engineer
Casandra Ceri
Mechanical Design Engineer
Hunter Black
Mechanical Design Engineer
Hunter Sawyer, Junior Mechanical Design Engineer
Hunter Sawyer
Junior Mechanical Engineer
Jeffrey Cady, Junior Mechanical Design Engineer
Jeffrey Cady
Mechanical Design Engineer
Kevin LeBlanc, Junior Mechanical Engineer
Kevin LeBlanc
Junior Mechanical Engineer
Sahar Tariq
Sahar Tariq
Junior Mechanical Engineer
Zachary Whelan, Junior Mechanical Engineer
Zachary Whelan
Junior Mechanical Engineer
Brenda Comeau
Executive Administrator


Want to be part of a dynamic and growing product development company in the Boston area? We are always looking for eager and talented Mechanical Engineers and Industrial Designers. Please send a cover letter and resume to for consideration.

At this time, Goddard has openings for the roles of Junior Mechanical Design EngineerMechanical Design Engineer, and Senior Mechanical Design Engineer.