Life Sciences and Diagnostics

Where engineering meets biochemistry.

We have worked with leaders in biochemical research to enable new lab processes, build modular systems, and empower rapid sample processing. By teaming up with an experienced product developer, healthcare companies can:

  • Support throughput and adoption with modern design features
  • Accelerate time to market while meeting regulations
  • Design and build without taking on the cost of a full-time staff

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Experience in Life Sciences & Diagnostics Development

With a proven track record of bringing advances in life sciences and biomedical technologies to life, our design and engineering teams have helped to develop a broad array of products – from automated processes for pharmaceuticals to pathogen detection systems. Here’s a small sampling of the life sciences technologies that our engineering and design teams have contributed to:


  • Automated liquid handling
  • Large molecule pharmaceutical manufacturing
  • DNA PCR systems
  • Cell collection devices
  • Custom bioreactor development
  • Bioprocess filter systems
  • Chromatography systems
  • Complex disposable tube sets
  • Pathogen detection systems

Let’s Work Together

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We believe important problems deserve thoughtful solutions. 

  1.  Talk to us – we’ll work together to understand your project’s needs and identify how we can best collaborate.
  2.  Let’s make a plan – we’ll craft a team of experienced engineers and designers to help you overcome your product development challenges.
  3.  Get to work – we’ll work with you to bring your project over the finish line.
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