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We blend mechanical engineering and industrial design to solve product development challenges.

About Goddard Technologies

About Goddard Technologies

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Medical Devices

Let’s bring life-saving medical technology out of the lab and onto the market.

Our team of designers and engineers have the know-how to help bring any medical device to life. In this highly-regulated industry, don’t let your product development questions go unanswered.

Our Medical Device Expertise

Life Sciences and Diagnostics

Our product development expertise combined with the work of top biochemistry institutions has produced groundbreaking life science technology. 

Whether it’s for large life sciences companies looking to redesign existing platforms or academic labs pursuing novel bioprocesses, the Goddard team is energized by co-creating inspired products.

Our Life Sciences Expertise

High-Tech Consumer & Industrial Products

From industrial robots to flying cars, our team is ready to tackle any project – no matter how complex.

With 20 years of product development under our belts, the Goddard team is prepared to handle difficult projects. Demanding design requirements and unprecedented regulatory challenges? Bring it on.

Our High-Tech Expertise

Let’s Work Together

Tell Us About Your Project

Our team of experienced designers and engineers can help bring your vision to life.

Are you stuck on an engineering challenge? Do you need help navigating a regulatory or quality issue? Are you limited by the availability of your engineering staff? We can lead new programs and rescue those that have gone off track.

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