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Goddard is an engineering, industrial design, and low-volume manufacturing company that specializes in the development of medical devices,  industrial automation and robotics, and consumer products.

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Medical Devices

We get your life-saving medical technology out of the lab, and onto the market. At Goddard, our interdisciplinary engineering, design, and manufacturing teams are equipped to support you through any and all phases of development, and manufacturing.

In this highly-regulated industry, Goddard can help you meet FDA regulations while accelerating time to market. ISO13485:2016 certified with over 25 years in business, our staff have assisted hundreds of clients successfully develop and commercialize their medical devices. Click below to learn more about how we assist and expedite your path to creating technology that prioritizes quality and patient-centered design, while also complying in a regulated environment.

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Robotics & Industrial Automation

From surgical to industrial robots, our interdisciplinary team provides the expertise to tackle any project – all while adhering to safety and quality standards.

As technology grows more complex by the day, with Goddard you choose a development partner that is growing to meet that demand. Our team is composed of a highly-experienced, focused, ​​and flexible group of experts across disciplines, who ensure a bespoke solution to your robotics and industrial automation project’s business and application requirements. Learn more about how we can assist you in commercializing innovative technology with compliance, quality and transparency by clicking below.

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Low-Volume Manufacturing

We bridge the gap between prototyping and full-volume production, making the transition from Product Development to Contract Manufacturing as cost, and time effective as possible. 

To ease our client’s transition from product development to clinical studies and commercialization, and bridging the gap between prototyping and full-volume production, we offer low-volume manufacturing. Services include setting up pilot lines, verifying and validating your product’s manufacturing process, managing documentation, leading quality control, building customized fixtures, and more. Learn how this strategy enables design refinement & optimization, reduces time to market, and realizes opportunities to save on high volume production costs, all while reducing your investment risk.

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Valuable product development insights from our team and network. Learn with us!

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