Robotics & Industrial Automation Products

Hiring an industrial design firm can improve your product development process. From industrial robots to flying cars, our team is ready to tackle any project – no matter how complex.

Our team is passionate about creating product solutions that optimize inefficient processes, meet unmet needs in the market, and create impactful user experiences. By partnering with an experienced product development team, industrial technology companies can:

  • Bring to life projects that involve demanding design requirements
  • Solve unprecedented regulatory challenges
  • Design and build without taking on the cost of a full-time staff
  • Make use of interdisciplinary expertise from industry professionals

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Our Experience Developing Robots and Industrial Automation Technologies

To streamline success for our robotic and industrial automation technology clients, Goddard’s mechanical, electrical, and software engineers work hand-in-hand with our industrial design team.

Our product developers have a wide breadth of experience, drawing from an array of product types and industries. When we place our engineers on a client’s team, the individual contribution they bring to the project is backed by the skills and experience of our entire team.

Here’s a small sampling of the high-tech consumer and industrial technology that our engineering and design teams have contributed to:


  • Robotic end effectors
  • Pick and place robotics
  • Automotive and aerospace
  • IOT industrial monitoring
  • Industrial valve actuators
  • Floor cleaning
  • Value engineering
  • Sustaining engineering
  • Workflow optimization
  • Industrial safety equipment
  • Mechanical drive-system design
  • Complex motor control
  • Vision system and sensors
  • Multi-access gantry and robotic arm design and development for gross control, fine motor control, and telescoping height control

Let’s Work Together

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We believe important problems deserve thoughtful solutions. 

  1. Talk to us – we’ll work together to understand your project’s needs and identify how we can best collaborate.
  2. Let’s make a plan – we’ll craft a team of experienced engineers and designers to help you overcome your product development challenges.
  3. Get to work – we’ll work with you to bring your project over the finish line.
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