About Goddard

The Goddard Difference

Our on-site partnership model, quality commitment and unique employee development programs put our team ahead of the competition.

At Goddard, we know that understaffed engineering teams, inefficient workflows, and complex FDA regulatory requirements can prevent meaningful technology from getting to the market. We’ve worked with companies of all sizes in a variety of industries to accelerate their time to market without sacrificing quality.

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On-Site Partnership Model

We believe that communication and collaboration are critical skills for any product development team. For this reason, we routinely place our engineers and designers at our clients’ sites.

Whether you need to add a mechanical engineer to your team for a month or need a full product development team for a year, Goddard can help. When we place our engineers at a client site the individual contribution they provide is backed up by the skills and experience of our entire team.

Quality Commitment

At Goddard, we know that the products we build impact lives. So we’ve incorporated the highest standards of quality into our product design and development process.

Goddard is ISO 13485 certified, which means we meet the most rigorous quality standards available for medical device development. We balance speed and quality, helping to accelerate your product’s time to market while ensuring technical precision and safety.

People and Culture

Goddard’s most important asset is its people. Our staff of experienced mechanical engineers and industrial designers regularly undergo professional development training, ensuring they stay at the top of their field.

The Goddard team is made up of strong communicators, creative thinkers, team players, and compassionate leaders.

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Goddard Inc. was founded in 1997.


Call us today so we can add one more.



The IP we generate during our projects is 100% client-owned.



“The reward for good work is more work” – Andrew Goddard



Growing to offer more comprehensive services to our clients.



Many of our clients opt to host our teams on-site with their staff engineers.

Let’s Work Together

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We believe important problems deserve thoughtful solutions.

  1.  Talk to us – we’ll work together to understand your project’s needs and identify how we can best collaborate.
  2.  Let’s make a plan – we’ll craft a team of experienced engineers and designers to help you overcome your product development challenges.
  3.  Get to work – we’ll work with you to bring your project over the finish line.
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