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MIS Hip Distractor System

Client: Arthrex

Objective: Improve device functionality, according to design inputs aimed at addressing operator ease of use, while maintaining Arthrex’s visual brand language.


  • Work with surgeons, and physicians assistants in the operating room to identify opportunities for improvement in use, and design …

Briggs Belt

Goddard was engaged with Briggs Belt to help bring to life a device that could provide fall protection for seniors. This device (a belt with airbags that deploy when it detects a user is falling) was filled with complex mechanical challenges – like building a sensor that can differentiate between a simple stumble and a dangerous fall.

HAI Pill Cutter

Goddard committed to helping engineer the HAI Pill Cutter because we believed it could meet a serious unmet need: the treatment of pediatric tuberculosis in underdeveloped countries. A global healthcare startup engaged with our team to create a pill-cutting device that could reliably cut pills into controlled doses that were scaled appropriately for children. We created a T-shaped pill-cutter that produces two ¼-doses and one 1/2-dose of medication from a single pill.

Janus G3

Client: Perkin Elmer

Objective: Refresh a legacy life science workstation for usability, scalability, and branding


  • Research and Development into use case and ergonomics of historical devices, and competitive products to evaluate opportunities
  • Identified opportunities for improvement in design, cost, manufacturability…

The Transition

Brought in as an on-site partner for Terrafugia, Goddard worked with this company for three years to help them get closer to realizing their dream of transforming personal transportation. Our team of engineers helped design and implement The Transition’s front suspension, hybrid drive system and cockpit systems. This project challenged our engineers to build a system that was durable enough to meet crash safety standards, but light enough to get off the ground. 

Siren Marine

Client: Siren Marine

Objective: Engineer and Design the refresh of a first generation product, with more technology in a smaller enclosure, capable of withstanding being submerged under water, and designed to drive attention.


  • Design for manufacturing: material research and selection, manufacturing process research and selection
  • Assisted in developing volumetrics of product …

Zimmer Titan

Client: Zimmer Biomet

Objective: Design for manufacturing to allow the company to rethink manufacturing process, decrease piece count, and rearrange components within system for ease of manufacturing, while also modernizing the aesthetics to fit in modern operating room.


  • Performed Market Research to identify opportunities for improvement in use, and design …

F-50 Gas Vent Filter

Client: Smiths Medical

Objective: Return Smith’s Medical blood gas vent/filter back to market, with minimal impact to previous manufacturing process.


  • Detailed failure mode analyses
  • Tolerance analysis
  • Addressed molding-related component and feature failures …

Guard PVCL

Client: Guard Medical

Objective: Engineer and design an innovative, wearable surgical dressing with an integrated pump that establishes and maintains negative pressure with a few pinches. The goal being, to use Negative Pressure Wound Therapy (NPWT) to improve healing and reduce Surgical Site Infections after surgery while providing savings to the healthcare system


  • Performed Design Development from alpha prototype to be ready for manufacturing
  • Design for joining of elastomeric components …

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