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At Goddard, we know that understaffed engineering teams, inefficient workflows, and complex regulatory requirements can prevent meaningful technology from getting to the market. We’ve worked with companies of all sizes in a variety of industries to accelerate their time to market without sacrificing quality.

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What is a product development company?

  • A product development company is a firm that you can hire to assist in creating, building, testing, and refining a product or service. Product development companies often feature varied skills and capabilities, ranging from product definition to manufacturing. These companies are brought in to lead or assist in the development of new products, but they can also be hired to refine or identify a problem with an existing product.


What is industrial design? 

  • Industrial design is the practice of designing products, systems, and services. Industrial design companies are organizations that you can partner with to improve anything about the design of your system, from physical appearance to functionality and manufacturability. Industrial design companies can help to relieve internal design teams and bring a fresh set of highly-trained eyes to a project that may be falling behind or lingering due to a technical challenge. In the medical device and life sciences industries, industrial designers can help to ensure that the products you’re designing are safe and meet the needs of your users.


What is Goddard’s involvement with our team throughout the development work?

  • Goddard’s engineers and designers are highly collaborative with our clients throughout the scope of our projects. We don’t operate in a vacuum – we make sure that we’re meeting our clients’ needs by actively engaging them in the decision-making process through the product development cycle. 
  • This usually involves weekly or bi-weekly meetings to review the project’s progress and milestones.


If you’ve never worked with my kind of product before, can you work with my product?

  • Absolutely! The principles of good design and product development are consistent across product types and industries. We often find that our engineers and designers have transferable skills from past projects. Our ability to leverage their unique experience and capabilities gleaned from diverse industries results in inspired solutions for our clients. 


Can you help me confirm that there’s a market for my product or service? 

  • A crucial part of good design and product development is knowing your product or service’s market. Our developers use thorough market research and competitive analyses to help you develop a product that will stand out on the market and meet your end-user’s needs. 


How do you make sure that the product’s design is manufacturable? 

  • Based on more than 20 years of experience with the product development process, we know that engineers and designers must work side-by-side rather than in silos. Thoughtful inclusion of both engineers and designers throughout the development process ensures that the design isn’t just marketable, but also functional and manufacturable. 
  • Goddard also believes that it is critical to include your manufacturing partners as early as possible in the development process. This will help make certain that the design of the product fits within reasonable manufacturing costs and an efficient manufacturing process.

If you would like to learn more about our approach to the entire product development process, learn more in our Guide to Product Development Planning


Do you have experience with regulatory strategy and documentation?

  • Goddard’s team works closely with external regulatory experts to ensure that the products we create with our clients meet any relevant regulatory standards. Our engineers and designers are intimately familiar with what it takes to get innovative products into highly regulated markets.


What does it mean to be ISO 13485 certified?

  • We meet specific requirements for our quality management system (QMS) that enable us to produce medical devices that meet customer and regulatory requirements. For more information on the ISO 13485 certification, visit this link


Can you help me with the manufacturing process?

  • We have plenty of experience in solving product development issues related to manufacturing quality and throughput. In fact, we have several manufacturing engineers on staff who are ready to help! Our team has traveled around the world working with clients and their manufacturers to resolve quality and production challenges. 
  • We also can lead you through the vendor sourcing and selection process, helping you to identify which partner organization has the skills and expertise needed to manufacture your product. Goddard has established relationships with trusted third-party manufacturing vendors, but we’re also happy to integrate seamlessly with a manufacturing partner of your choice if you have a go-to vendor with whom you’d prefer to work. 


How do you bill your projects?

  • The type of billing depends on the type of project and how the goals of the project are defined. But in general, we have two options: we can bill the work by time and material (a “T&M” approach) or as a fixed price phase-based project. 


What is Goddard’s quoting process?  

  • A typical quote follows this process: 
    • Generally, we begin by executing non-disclosure agreements 
    • We’ll kick things off with an introductory call to better understand the project, meet the client’s team, and learn how we can help meet the client’s product development needs 
    • The client will send technical information related to the project 
    • Goddard’s engineering team will review the information and draft additional technical questions to ask the client so that we can provide a thorough, appropriate quote of work
    • We host a follow-up call with the client so that members of Goddard’s engineering team can ask their technical questions 
    • Goddard’s team will quote the project 
    • Goddard will meet with the client to submit and review our proposal 
    • Refine and iterate the proposal based on the client’s feedback 
    • Goddard hosts a follow-up call for final discussions related to the proposal


Want to learn more about development, design, and planning for your next project from the experts at Goddard? Check out our library of Guides and Whitepapers.

MIS Hip Distractor System

Goddard partnered with Arthrex to improve a device that enables a new approach for hip replacement surgery. Our team of engineers took a system that was unintentionally injuring patients and ultimately created a medical device that improved the user experience and kept patients safe. This two-year program resulted in a hip distraction system that remains the best-selling device of its kind on the market.

Briggs Belt

Goddard was engaged with Briggs Belt to help bring to life a device that could provide fall protection for seniors. This device (a belt with airbags that deploy when it detects a user is falling) was filled with complex mechanical challenges – like building a sensor that can differentiate between a simple stumble and a dangerous fall.

HAI Pill Cutter

Goddard committed to helping engineer the HAI Pill Cutter because we believed it could meet a serious unmet need: the treatment of pediatric tuberculosis in underdeveloped countries. A global healthcare startup engaged with our team to create a pill-cutting device that could reliably cut pills into controlled doses that were scaled appropriately for children. We created a T-shaped pill-cutter that produces two ¼-doses and one 1/2-dose of medication from a single pill.

Janus G3

Goddard partnered with Perkin Elmer to take a legacy benchtop product and transform it into a modular, automated platform that could scale to thirteen unique versions of the system. After developing hundreds of unique concepts, Goddard eventually engineered a product that integrated Perkin Elmer’s existing visual brand language and included new stand-out features. Two years following Janus’ launch, sales for the newly-reimagined product were up 90%.

The Transition

Brought in as an on-site partner for Terrafugia, Goddard worked with this company for three years to help them get closer to realizing their dream of transforming personal transportation. Our team of engineers helped design and implement The Transition’s front suspension, hybrid drive system and cockpit systems. This project challenged our engineers to build a system that was durable enough to meet crash safety standards, but light enough to get off the ground. 

Siren Marine

Goddard partnered with Siren Marine to help bring its boat-monitoring device to market. The system, which alerts boat owners if their boat’s battery dies or is outside a designated geographic area, required robust packaging that needed to survive being submerged in water. Our engineers ensured that the product was engineered with a strong enough seal to protect the inner technologies from the harsh conditions of the ocean.

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