June 26th, 2009:
Beverly, MA – The Chicago Athenaeum: Museum of Architecture and Design and the European Centre for Architecture Art Design and Urban Studies has awarded Goddard Technologies with the 2009 GOOD DESIGN... read more
September 9th, 2009:
Beverly, MA (September 9, 2009) – Goddard Technologies, Inc. (GTI), has supported Harmonix Music Systems with the design and development of the three guitars used in the latest "The Beatles Rock Band... read more
December 15th, 2009:
Goddard Technologies supported HEI in the mechanical development of the “DNA Killer” as seen on the cover of Product Design & Development in January 2010. “As HEI moved forward to take... read more
March 12th, 2012:
Having just returned from my first trip to Shanghai, helping coordinate the design and manufacture of a new product for a client of ours, I was reminded of the importance of creativity in product... read more
March 20th, 2012:
During product development many companies approach Industrial Design and Engineering as separate phases of product development. The project usually starts with Industrial Design and once that phase... read more
March 27th, 2012:
With regards to the client, the product and the planet… Examining the cost to create a product, from cradle to grave. Typically, when talking with clients, the topic of cost savings arises. At... read more
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April 2nd, 2012:
As team leader and Senior ME on many different product development projects, the topic of IP and patent protection invariably comes up at some point during the productdevelopment process, especially... read more
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September 5th, 2012:
Technologies, companies and practices that don’t move with the times always end up in the history books. Most organizations see the benefit of updating their technological knowledge and keep up with... read more
April 1st, 2013:
The last article I wrote was about printing organic transistors, pretty neat stuff. Synthetic biologists at Stanford have one upped that feat however by creating the first biological analogue of a... read more
April 30th, 2013:
I know the GTI blog has talked about 3D printing to death, but I couldn’t help myself after finding out that San Diego based Organovo successfully produced 3D samples of human liver cells using a bio... read more
March 21st, 2014:
It's that time of the year! Finally the snow is melting, the sun is shining and opportunities are blossoming. With so much energy and vivacity brewing it's no surprise that BIOMEDevice is in Boston... read more
March 31st, 2014:
Hollywood script writers have been commissioned for psychological studies of terrorists, they have come up with forward-thinking and (way) outsite-the-box solutions to many social and technological... read more
April 21st, 2014:
  How seemingly simple engineering advances will impact racing and production automobiles for many years to come. Mercedes formula one team this year made a small but significant change to... read more
May 20th, 2014:
To me, one of the coolest things about the ‘maker-movement’ is not the cool stuff people build, but rather the innovative low cost tools they build to enable those projects. Hackerspaces, makerspaces... read more
June 23rd, 2014:
When I was young, all of the adults I looked up to made great efforts to make sure that I learned to share and play nice with others. They taught me compromise and negotiation, and most of the time... read more
July 9th, 2014:
So you’ve just purchased a new cell phone, laptop, PC, or high definition LED TV and you’re totally pumped because you got a great deal. Chances are you paid less money than your old model and the... read more