5 Signs You Need a Product Development Company

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Product development companies are groups that you can partner with to help design, engineer, and/or test your product. Here are five signs that it’s time to call in a team of expert product developers.


1. You’re trying to solve a difficult technical problem

Solving difficult problems with novel technologies takes time, resources, and know-how. Having an experienced, knowledgeable partner by your side to lead you through the product development cycle can enable you to spend your time and resources more effectively and efficiently. 

Problems can arise at any point in the product development process – and it’s easy for those problems to pile up. By calling in a product development company, you can preempt those problems and rely on experts who have done it before to help guide the process. Goddard is often asked to jump in the middle of a product development cycle to solve particular technical challenges – and there are few things our experts love more than the satisfaction of helping a client navigate a tricky technical problem. 

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2. Your product is failing unexpectedly, harming users, and/or users are reporting that your product is difficult to use

If your product or service is failing, difficult to use, or (at worse) harming its users, a product development company can help you get things back on track. Product development experts are trained to identify the root causes of failure and design solutions that will solve the issue(s) and yield a product that is best suited to the needs of its users. 

A product failure, especially if the product is already on the market and in the hands of its intended users, can be dangerous and costly (especially if it’s your first product – brand reputation and trust are essential between your company and your customers). So if you’re experiencing a technical failure or your product is unintentionally causing harm, it may be time to call in a product development expert. 

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3. You have a brilliant idea but don’t have the resources to hire a full-time team

Having a great idea for a new product is one thing – having the resources to support a full-time team of designers, engineers, and commercialization experts is a whole other story. Working with a product development team can be a great way to bring the right technical expertise and support to your product without the cost of a full-time team of employees. 

If you are a smaller company or even a startup with a tight budget, you can be assured that your dollars aren’t wasted on inefficient development practices by partnering with a skillful, experienced product development company. 

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4. You need to navigate tough regulations to get your product to the market

A critical mistake that developers make is designing and engineering products all the way to clinical trials or examinations before starting to consider their regulatory requirements. At this point, serious changes could be needed to modify the product’s design to meet regulations, leading to added costs and delays to the product’s launch schedule. 

While engineers don’t typically manage detailed regulations, experienced product development companies – like Goddard! – bridge the gap between R&D and regulatory requirements. A skilled team of developers will help you to apply the relevant regulations early on in the product development process, ensuring a safe and effective final product. 


5. Your internal technical team is overwhelmed

You might already have a full-time team of engineers and designers – great! But when those resources become overwhelmed and internal priorities shift, it’s easy for projects to linger and fall behind. A product development company can help to relieve your internal team’s bandwidth, helping you work more efficiently and keeping your company ahead of the competition. 


Working with Goddard

Goddard’s team of experienced, reliable engineers can help guide you through the product development process or plug into existing projects as needed.

If you’re looking for a skillful product development partner to help get your next project started, check out some of our Featured Projects and dive into our Our Process to learn more about how we approach product development.

Tell us about your project and let’s begin a conversation about creating products with technical precision and elegant design.

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