The Value of Goddard’s Quoting Process

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“To achieve great things, two things are needed: a plan and not quite enough time.” – Leonard Bernstein

After decades of experience developing products across industries and applications, our team knows how important it is to get started with a thorough plan in place. We’ve created a quoting process that is designed to produce a thoughtfully crafted product development plan and ensure that everyone is on the same page before the project even begins. 


Let’s take a look at what a typical quoting process at Goddard entails: 

  • Generally, we begin by executing non-disclosure agreements to enable our clients and Goddard to comfortably share information. 
  • We’ll kick things off with an introductory call to better understand the project, meet the client’s team, and learn how we can help meet the client’s product development needs. 
  • The client will send technical and business information related to the project goals. 
  • Goddard’s program and engineering teams will review the information and draft additional technical questions to ask the client so that we can provide a thorough, appropriate quote of work.
  • We host a follow-up call with the client so that members of Goddard’s engineering team can ask their technical questions. 
  • Goddard’s team will quote the project. 
  • Goddard will meet with the client to submit and review our proposal. 
  • Refine and iterate the proposal based on the client’s feedback. 
  • Goddard hosts a follow-up call for final discussions related to the proposal.

It’s essential to ask the right questions during the quoting process. To make sure that the right questions are pursued while the product development plan is being fleshed out, Goddard assembles a technical team to lead this process based on the team members’ expertise. This team, called a Project Advisory Council (PAC) Team, works closely with the client to better understand their engineering, design, and business needs. The PAC team delivers valuable product development planning work at no cost to the client. Sometimes, this means investing hundreds of hours on proposals and product development plans – for free.

Once the product development plan is clearly defined, our technical team and sales team meet with the client for a final review of the proposed plan. This step is critical to ensuring that the project goals as defined by our PAC team align with our client’s needs.  This includes discussions related to timeline, financial and technical program goals.

The quoting process, like the product development cycle, is iterative. Goddard keeps an open line of communication between our team and the client to make sure that everyone is on the same page before the project gets started. This strategy helps our engineers and designers move more efficiently once the project begins and it ensures that our clients get precisely what they need from our product developers. 


Our Product Development Expertise

Goddard’s team of experienced, reliable engineers and designers can help guide you through the product development process or plug into existing projects as needed. 

If you’re looking for a skillful partner to help get your next project started, check out some of our Featured Projects or dive into Our Process to learn more about how we approach product development. 


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