April 12th, 2017:There are many articles and books discussing product development; however, an area that I personally find to be a challenge within a medical device company is navigating the design transfer process...read more
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March 29th, 2017:There are many decision points along a project’s lifespan. One often brushed aside decision is Means of Joining. As anyone who’s delved into the Titanic’s sinking and similar structural disasters...read more
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March 15th, 2017:Recently, I found an old pocket knife that had been given to me years ago burried in my closet. The blade was in rough shape due to being poorly sharpened in the past. Today is the day I bring it...read more
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February 15th, 2017:Have you ever noticed your energy levels dropping as the afternoon rolls around? It feels like you are no longer being productive? If you do, you are not alone. According to the Bureau of Labor...read more
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February 2nd, 2017:If you're someone like me, you struggle between either having a very green or very brown thumb. This is no joke, my friends. I've managed to kill many a cactus. Yet, somehow, you can give me a peace...read more
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July 13th, 2016:“They all understand what it is to strive for something… to want to be someone you’re not, to want to achieve something that’s just beyond reach, whether it’s professional success or wealth or...read more
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June 14th, 2016:Join us at the Peabody Essex Museum for the #pempm after-hours party this Thursday from 6-9 pm! We'll be out in the Asian Garden with Tinkineer demonstrating how we used a laser cutter to create...read more
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June 8th, 2016:Recently, while cleaning out our workshop, I came across a roll of LED tape with a power supply and remote. A quick thought came to mind for building a simple desk accent/task lamp, so I poked...read more
May 25th, 2016:In the world of engineering, creativity often seems like a magical unicorn. It is this colorful, fun-sounding thing that people speak of so fondly, whose magical powers could help you solve problems...read more
May 11th, 2016:So you're an engineer? You sit at a desk for 8+ hours every day? How is your health? Are you physically fit? Here are a few tips and tricks to get you on the right track. Let's think about the...read more
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April 27th, 2016:Bringing a medical device to market has never been an easy task. However, if proper strategy is followed while keeping in mind all the rules and regulations of governing authorities, then it becomes...read more
April 13th, 2016:Don't miss out on the opportunity to network and access the newest in medical device technology! The Goddard team will be exhibiting at Booth 216. Come on down to the Boston Convention...read more
March 31st, 2016:The BIOMEDevice BOSTON 2016 trade show is less than a month away and the Goddard Team is excited to be exhibiting again! This year’s event will be held on April 13 – 14 at the Boston Convention...read more
March 23rd, 2016:A fairly popular clip from the science-based reality show, Mythbusters, contains the program’s host stating, “Remember kids, the only difference between science and screwing around is writing it down...read more
March 9th, 2016:Talking about failure is antithetical to everything engineers (and human society in general) stand for. We like to think of ourselves as developers, builders, constructors; as people who have built...read more
February 4th, 2016:On my most recent trip to China- As always, the long leg was over the pole. You’d think it would be exciting to peek out the window- catch a great glimpse of something cool. Nope. Just white fading...read more
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