October 13th, 2015:For those of you who were keeping tabs on the Goddard team as we shared tid-bits on our participation in the Canstruction® Boston Annual Design and Build Competition to benefit local hunger relief...read more
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October 8th, 2015:T-minus 2 days and counting- The Goddard team has just completed our practice build for the upcoming Canstruction® Boston 20th Annual Design and Build Competition, to take place this Saturday at the...read more
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September 30th, 2015:Tinkineer launches its Kickstarter campaign today for the Marbleocity STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) kits! We are so excited to see these marble machine kits released to the public...read more
August 31st, 2015:Goddard is excited to share a teaser video previewing the new Tinkineer Marbleocity STEM kit.  We have had the pleasure of working with the Tinkineer team in creating this exciting new product....read more
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August 24th, 2015: The Goddard team is excited to participate in the Canstruction® Boston 20th Annual Design and Build Competition, an event to benefit one of our local hunger relief organizations. We are...read more
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June 3rd, 2015:Join us on Thursday, June 18th, to hear members of Goddard and CAPINC present on the future of product development and manufacturing. Goddard: How Next Generation Tools are Accelerating Design and...read more
April 27th, 2015:BIOMEDevice will be back in town on May 6 and 7, 2015 at the Boston Convention & Exhibition Center, and Goddard will be there! During this event, we'll be teaching people about the best...read more
March 4th, 2015:Ever stop and really appreciate your smart phone for what it is.  Instant gratification at the touch of a button … I mean… swipe of a screen.   Think quickly about the evolution....read more
February 3rd, 2015:As promised we continue our glimpse into the world of Collins Middle School in the Enrichment Program with our very own Mechanical Engineer Ajay Patel. With the brief interview, with Principal Glenn...read more
January 19th, 2015:Goddard Technologies is excited to announce our partnership in the Enrichment Program within Collins Middle School, in Salem, MA. Curious why a product development firm is partnering with the local...read more
December 31st, 2014:Medical devices are defined as any "instrument, apparatus, implement, machine, contrivance, implant, in vitro reagent, or other similar or related article, including a component part, or accessory...read more
December 3rd, 2014:As outlined in my last article the initial steps are critical to the success of any new product.  Now that you have cleared all the initial hurdles of validating your idea, devising a...read more
November 24th, 2014:Back in grad school I worked in a lab focusing my research on multidisciplinary optimization. What it entails is associating a cost function to a particular characteristic that needs to be optimized...read more
November 18th, 2014:Designing can often lead to unexpected discoveries and new paths for the project that can strain the scope of work.  Creating time and flexibility in the schedule to vet out these new paths is...read more
November 12th, 2014:On a regular basis I meet with budding inventors, new product designers and average people who have great ideas they want to bring to market.  These are individuals looking for help to design...read more
November 4th, 2014:You’re hard at work on a project when you have to stop everything to fix a computer problem. You call your computer manufacturer’s help line, where a technician diagnoses and helps you solve the...read more