April 30th, 2013:I know the GTI blog has talked about 3D printing to death, but I couldn’t help myself after finding out that San Diego based Organovo successfully produced 3D samples of human liver cells using a bio...read more
April 18th, 2013: It's a look and a culture. The small space a person carves out around them to fill with furniture, machines and clothing from an era they do not belong to.  "Well things were just made better...read more
April 1st, 2013:The last article I wrote was about printing organic transistors, pretty neat stuff. Synthetic biologists at Stanford have one upped that feat however by creating the first biological analogue of a...read more
March 26th, 2013:It seems that these days nearly everyone (including certain engineers) is talking about 3D printing, rapid prototyping and its future. It’s a popular topic, and recently people have been singing the...read more
February 20th, 2013:It’s vacation week on the Vineyard and the alarm clock rings at 3 o’clock in the morning.  I respond with a tap on the snooze and the pillow over my head.  I’m trying to recall my genius...read more
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February 12th, 2013:Researchers at the University of Maryland have now successfully printed semi-transparent transistors on transparent ‘nano-paper.’ Despite the high tech name, nano-paper is still made from cellulose...read more
January 21st, 2013:With the snow starting to fly at the beginning of a new year, it’s quickly becoming apparent that winter is in full swing and it’s time to get out and hit the slopes! Skiing has always been a...read more
January 16th, 2013:The lockout is over, training camps are starting, and we are only a week away from this year’s belated Christmas gift, opening night of the 2012 / 2013 NHL season. Thankfully both sides have realized...read more
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September 5th, 2012:Technologies, companies and practices that don’t move with the times always end up in the history books. Most organizations see the benefit of updating their technological knowledge and keep up with...read more
August 21st, 2012:How was your morning routine? Did you get up before the alarm went off or after multiple snooze hits? Reach into the fridge for breakfast or get that large coffee from the fast food chain on the way...read more
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August 16th, 2012:As an engineer, I can appreciate when testing goes wrong – especially when you are on the verge of some overwhelmingly revolutionary discovery. I thought it was funny – yes, I can have a dark sense...read more
August 8th, 2012:Life gets boring. The same old things day in and day out. Leaving some of us feeling like a soulless zombie, the glazed look of mediocrity and nonchalance hardened on our faces, the only excitement...read more
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June 30th, 2012:It’s summer. That time of the year when you can go to the beach in New England and enjoy a warm summer day. Going to the beach is usually a very relaxing experience that leaves you with fond memories...read more
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April 2nd, 2012:As team leader and Senior ME on many different product development projects, the topic of IP and patent protection invariably comes up at some point during the productdevelopment process, especially...read more
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March 28th, 2012:Team building! We all hear about how important it is so Goddard Technologies decided to get out of the office and really bring everyone together, or make them run away from each other in fear....read more
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March 27th, 2012:With regards to the client, the product and the planet… Examining the cost to create a product, from cradle to grave. Typically, when talking with clients, the topic of cost savings arises. At...read more
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