High-Tech Consumer & Industrial Products

Combining our technical skills with our human factors knowledge we have lead the end-to-end development of high-volume consumer goods and high-value logistics robots.

Our ability to rapidly ideate product solutions that address the needs of consumers across applications delivers value to our clients. For more than 20 years, Goddard has been a trusted name in product development. We can handle projects that involve complex technology, demanding design requirements and unprecedented regulatory challenges.

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Our diverse skill set and many years of experience allow us to tackle
challenges large and small in a broad set of applications.


  • Robotic end effectors
  • Pick and place robotics
  • Coffee brewing systems
  • Automotive and aerospace
  • IOT industrial monitoring
  • Industrial valve actuators
  • Heated kitchen products
  • Floor cleaning
  • Value engineering
  • Sustaining engineering
  • Workflow optimization
  • Industrial safety equipment
  • Water filtration
  • Carbonated beverage systems
  • Blenders

Let’s Work Together

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Our team of experienced designers and engineers can help bring your vision to life.

Are you stuck on an engineering challenge? Do you need help navigating a regulatory or quality issue? Are you limited by the availability of your engineering staff? We can lead new programs and rescue those that have gone off track.

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