MD&M West 2020: Robotics, User-Centered Design & Nurturing Innovation

Taking a first look at the conference agenda for MD&M West 2020, these three themes stood out: robotics, user-centered design, and techniques to foster innovation inside technical organizations. Here are 10 sessions that we at Goddard are looking forward to at the conference.

By Sarah Faulkner – Director of Marketing, Goddard

3 Major Themes from MD&M West 2020 Conference

1. The Robot Revolution

If you’ve been plugged into the latest news from the medical device development industry, it’s no surprise to see this topic headlining the MD&M West 2020 conference agenda. Kicking off the show is a keynote panel set to discuss how new methods of computation and intelligence will impact industries.

The panel features Lori Jordon from Microsoft, Richard Leparmentier from Auris Health, Hari Nayar from the Nasa Jet Propulsion Lab and Brian Schmitz from Stryker.

Also on the agenda for Tuesday is a session that will walk attendees through the medical device development process and use case for an open-source platform for robotics software development.

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2. User-Centered Design

arthrex user centered design

It looks like user-centered design, like human factors engineering, will be a primary area of focus for the conference this year. It’s a broad topic with a ton of value for product development firms like Goddard. There are three sessions on Tuesday that we’re excited to attend: “Innovative Tools for UX-Centric Design”, “Designing to Evoke the Right User Response” and “Bridging User Needs & Design Requirements”.

On Wednesday, we’re looking forward to learning about how the development of devices with multiple sensors is changing the way healthcare is delivered.

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3. Nurturing Innovation

One of the benefits of attending conferences like MD&M West 2020 is the sense of inspiration it can impart to attendees. Building a positive, creative culture among our talented staff is critical to our ability to produce life-changing products. It’s exciting to see sessions like the “Women in Engineering Roundtable Discussion” on the agenda for this year’s show.

We’re also looking forward to the “Habits of Highly Effective Engineers” session on Wednesday. On Thursday, the conference closes with a keynote speech from inventor Sally Dominguez entitled “Adventurous 10x Thinking: Building the Resilient Mindset for Better Innovation” – we can’t think of a more exciting discussion with which to end the show.

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