Meet Our Human Factors Engineering Experts

Companies come to Goddard for help with engineering and designing products for people. Our product development teams leverage human factors engineering to create, design, test, and manufacture safe and effective products with people at the center of the entire process.

We’re proud to introduce you to some of Goddard’s human factors engineering experts so you can learn more about their unique passions and skill sets.

Ash Shenoi – Director, Human Factors Engineering

Ash is deeply passionate about improving the quality of people’s lives by bringing a robust human-centered focus to product design and development. After a long stint contributing to various product portfolios at Medtronic (where she and her team were awarded Medtronic’s global Human Centered Design Impact Award!), Ash transitioned to Goddard and brought her passion and vision to our clients’ products and industries.

“Good UX results in profitable products. From my experience, the choice is typically between investing early in good human factors and design best practices or spending many-fold further down the line in corrective or remediation efforts. We help our clients make the smarter choice to get a better bang for their buck.” – Ash



Omar Bermudez – Industrial Design Manager

Omar's headshotOmar has built an impressive career as an industrial designer, working collaboratively with marketing, engineering, and research teams to develop thoughtful design solutions that will succeed for users, purchasers, clinicians, and patients.

Much of his experience has been supporting concept development, 2D and 3D development, exploring color, material, and finishes, establishing visual brand language, and resolving manufacturing challenges. From everyday consumer wares to specialized items – such as water treatment and medical devices – his extensive experience with a vast range of materials has been critical in assembling his problem-solving toolkit.

“Industrial designers and human factors engineers collaborate to create products that seamlessly blend form and function. They serve as the empathetic voices in design, ensuring that technology caters to human needs and desires rather than vice versa. Together, they form a symphony that harmonizes practicality and aesthetics to deliver innovative solutions that enhance user experience.” – Omar


Omeed Kashef – Human Factors Design Engineer

Omeed's headshotOmeed is passionate about shaping technology to help meet people’s needs by combining systems engineering and empathy skills. He started his career in the automotive industry, designing automated vehicle customer experiences, and then took his expertise to the medical device industry. His professional journey eventually brought him to Goddard, where he brought interdisciplinary knowledge and a love for UI/UX.

“Sometimes technology feels like it is out of our control. It can evolve rapidly and in an infinite number of ways. What I love about human factors engineering is the opportunity to turn that chaos into meaningful experiences that work for individuals and society. By putting people at the center of everything we do, we help create human-centered environments that bring balance.” – Omeed




Mikayla Tinus – Associate Human Factors Engineer

Mikayla's headshotCombining her degree in Biomedical Engineering from Brown University with her professional background as a mechanical engineer, Mikayla is uniquely positioned to contribute to medical device development and human factors activities. She is driven by integrating human-centered design, systems engineering, and mechanical design to develop safe and effective patient product solutions.

“Working in human factors engineering with mechanical design experience allows me to bridge the gap between the technical design and user needs, ensuring a human-centered design process. Collaborating with both device users and engineers of all relevant disciplines is necessary for innovation.” – Mikayla


Leverage Goddard’s Human Factors Engineering Experts for Your Next Project

To make a safe and effective product, users must be at the center of the design process. By partnering with Goddard’s human factors engineering experts, you can leverage their expertise and resources to increase your chances of a successful product launch.

Goddard’s human factors engineering professionals work alongside mechanical engineers, software engineers, electrical engineers, manufacturers, and quality engineers to ensure the product development cycle is as streamlined as possible.

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