Goddard Origins


It started in 1997 at a kitchen table with a new computer and one man who was tired of hearing the word “No” when presenting new ideas and concepts.

Learn how Andy Goddard, Chief Executive Officer and founder of Goddard Technologies, left his job at an industrial design firm and struck out on his own. From a one-man engineering agency with a single-product client to a thriving, multi-departmental product development consultancy with offices in Boston and San Diego, he nurtured Goddard Tech into the thriving business it is today. The ethos behind his success? “Keep your customers happy, and they keep coming back.”

It is Andy’s—and thus Goddard Tech’s—origins that inspire the company’s core values: Accountability, Inspiration, Dedication, Efficiency, Innovation, Integrity, Quality, and Reliability.

Learn more about Goddard Tech’s mission of inspiration here.

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