Goddard West Moves Into New Office


After three years in our San Diego, California location, Goddard Technologies successfully completed its move into a new office space. At 4000 square feet, Goddard West doubled its space, adding more resources to meet the ongoing growth of our west coast product development projects.

Goddard Tech prides itself on being a collaborative company – both internally and with our client partners. In this new space, there is a larger workspace area and more meeting rooms, which facilitate that collaboration. With separate lab spaces for machining, 3D printing, assembly, testing, and more, Goddard West has the infrastructure to support both specific and long-term needs of our partners.

This expanded lab space includes a section focused on Human Factors Engineering (HFE). It was created to run HF studies on site with an outfitted observation space. (Learn more about Goddard’s Human Factors team here.)

“This space supports our continued growth,” said Ajay Patel, vice president of west coast operations at Goddard Tech, “With more capability and capacity we have the space to support projects and continue to expand our resources and disciplines, including mechanical, HF, firmware, software, program management, and electrical engineering.”

In the coming months, Goddard West will host an Open House for regional device, automation, and robotics organizations. To find out more about how Goddard can make your ideas a reality, click here.

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