Hiring Philosophy at Goddard


Since our origins, our greatest strength is our people. Beyond mere skills and knowledge, we value the way you approach tasks and your individual identity. In this video, Andy, our CEO, and Sean, our President, offer a high-level overview of Goddard’s hiring philosophy, emphasizing our focus on the “how” and “who” in addition to the “what” and “what you can do.”

What Makes Our Hiring Philosophy Special

Sean: At Goddard, our employees, we’re more focused on their capabilities than their actual degree and what they can provide for our clients.

Andy: There’s a lot of technical prowess that goes into this. You have to be able to create something on the screen that anyone can think of. That’s a difficult achievement to have.

Sean: You have to be easygoing, you got to be negotiable.

Andy: They also need to be an out-of-the-box thinker. They need to be able to have that creative edge. Can you creatively pull that out of your head and put that on the whiteboard?

Sean: Our ideal hire for Goddard is a person that probably has prior knowledge in the product development space. And not that they’ve gone through a lot of successful projects, but troublesome projects as well, right? Knowing how to kind of avoid previous potholes and help guide others in the future for what they’re doing.

Andy: And then they have to be a people person.

Sean: Be empathetic to their cause, be empathetic of what pressures that your client’s underneath.

Andy: Typically what we’re looking for when we’re hiring is somebody that has the vocal ability to go into a client’s site, sit down next to them, work elbow to elbow, and have those difficult conversations, make sure that that relationship is maintained.

Sean: So when you hire good people that are rockstar communicators, then provide a legit solution for people, for a client, they’ll seek more of that.

Andy: Sometimes people can be very headstrong in their “my way or the highway” approach. That’s not the type of people that we’re employing. Sure, we like smart people. We like them to be the best at what they do, but they have to be willing to convey that knowledge without having an attitude and also be willing to say, you know what, that idea is better than the one I had earlier. Let’s go with that.

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