Robotics & Industrial Automation: Why You Should Work with a Product Development Partner

Working with a product development company to bring to life a robotic or industrial automation technology can ensure that the product meets demanding design requirements and market objectives without the cost of a full-time development staff. Here’s a look at how Goddard partners with our robotics and industrial automation clients to help them achieve their mission.


What is a product development company?

A product development company is a partner organization that you can hire to assist in designing, building, testing, and commercializing a product. These firms range in skills and capabilities, spanning the length of the product development process – from early research and product definition all the way to manufacturing and sustaining engineering. 

Goddard’s team of product development experts are often brought in to lead or assist in the development of new products, but existing technologies are also fair game. We are often tasked with helping to refine or identify a problem with a product that’s already on the market. 


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Why work with a product development partner to bring to life your robotic or industrial automation technology? 

  • Meet demanding design requirements – robots and industrial automation technologies often require integrating feedback from an array of users (assemblers, technicians, end-users, etc.) An experienced team can help you parse through and prioritize your design requirements, preventing delays further down the development process. 
  • Take advantage of interdisciplinary expertise – At Goddard, our team combines experienced mechanical engineers, software engineers, electrical engineers, and industrial designers who have worked in a range of industries. This blend of experience enables us to effectively advise our clients and move through the product development process in a thoughtful manner. This really matters when you’re dealing with complex, novel technologies. 
  • Meet business objectives without the cost of a full-time staff – Designing, building, and testing new, complex technologies takes a lot of time and money. By partnering with an experienced product development firm, you can meet your development goals without the cost and time associated with sourcing, hiring, and training a full-time staff. 


Goddard’s robotics and industrial automation experience

Our team is passionate about creating product solutions that optimize inefficient processes, meet unmet needs in the market, and create impactful user experiences. Here’s a brief sampling of the robotics and industrial automation work that our engineering and design teams have contributed to:

  • Robotic end effectors
  • Pick and place robotics
  • IOT industrial monitoring
  • Industrial valve actuators
  • Workflow optimization
  • Industrial safety equipment
  • Mechanical drive-system design 
  • Complex motor control 
  • Vision system and sensors


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Working with Goddard

Goddard’s team of experienced, reliable engineers and designers can help guide you through the product development process or plug into existing projects as needed. 

If you’re looking for a skillful partner to help get your next project started, check out some of our Featured Projects or dive into Our Process to learn more about how we approach product development. 


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