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Janus G3

Client: Perkin Elmer

Objective: Refresh a legacy life science workstation for usability, scalability, and branding


  • Research and Development into use case and ergonomics of historical devices, and competitive products to evaluate opportunities
  • Identified opportunities for improvement in design, cost, manufacturability, through use evaluation and engineering assessment
  • Created a modular platform after evaluating hundreds of concepts
  • Designed, engineered (including CFD), prototyped, tooled, and verified mechanical systems


Goddard was tasked by Perkin Elmer to take a legacy bench-top product and transform it into a modular, automated platform that could scale to thirteen unique versions of the system. This presented the significant challenge of creating a new look and easy-to-use design that would be highly scalable for the many variations of the device. After developing hundreds of unique concepts, Goddard eventually engineered a product that integrated Perkin Elmer’s existing visual brand language and included new stand-out features. Two years following Janus’ launch, sales for the newly-reimagined product were up 90%.


  • Commercialization by the client, as mechanically designed by Goddard
  • Sales for the newly-reimagined product were up 90%

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