Allied in Your Mission to Bring Usable, Well-Engineered, Devices to Life

Medical Devices

Let’s bring life-saving medical technology out of the lab and onto the market.

In this highly-regulated industry, it’s essential to choose a product development partner who can help you meet FDA regulations while accelerating time to market. Want to create technology that prioritizes quality and patient-centered design? Let’s jump-start your medical device development plan.

Our Medical Device Expertise

Life Sciences and Diagnostics

Where engineering meets biochemistry.

Whether it’s for life sciences companies looking to redesign existing platforms or academic labs pursuing novel bioprocesses, we love to combine our product development expertise with groundbreaking biochemistry to create meaningful technologies.

Our Life Sciences Expertise

Robotics & Industrial Automation

From industrial robots to flying cars, our team is ready to tackle any project – no matter how complex.

Technology grows more complex by the day – whether it’s for the consumer market or industrial applications. But with 20 years of product development under our belts, the Goddard team can handle projects with demanding design requirements and unprecedented regulatory challenges.

Our Industrial Expertise

Low-Volume, High-Complexity Manufacturing

As a natural extension of our product development capabilities, our facilities are designed to take on the manufacturing of highly complex products. Goddard can set up pilot lines, verify and validate your product’s manufacturing process, manage documentation, lead quality control, build customized fixtures, and so much more.

Our Low-Volume, High-Complexity Manufacturing Expertise
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