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MIS Hip Distractor System

Client: Arthrex MIS Hip Distractor System

Objective: Improve device functionality, according to design inputs aimed at addressing operator ease of use, while maintaining Arthrex’s visual brand language.


  • Work with surgeons, and physicians assistants in the operating room to identify opportunities for improvement in use, and design through use evaluation and engineering assessment
  • Engineered and designed a novel strapping system that securely holds the patient without causing injury
  • Engineered and designed one-hand locking control, fine distraction with the end rotational mechanisms, and a safety lock for increased operator functionality


Goddard partnered with Arthrex to improve a device that enables a new approach to hip replacement surgery. Our team of engineers took a system that was unintentionally injuring patients, and ultimately created a medical device that improved the user experience, and kept patients safe. 

Beginning with the previous system, an in-depth comprehension of the use case allowed us to develop, and test various mechanical concepts to ensure optimal function of the next generation device. Once that mechanical foundation was complete, our design team explored the ergonomics, and styling cues necessary to develop a class-leading aesthetic.

​​Following many rounds of mechanical design iteration, the final system was completed and tested, subsequently followed by a robust design for manufacturing and value engineering effort.

This two-year program resulted in a hip distraction system that remains the best-selling device of its kind on the market.


  • Commercialization by the client, as engineered and designed by Goddard
  • Allowed for new approach to hip replacement surgery – an anterior approach, with less dissection and quicker recovery; increased accuracy and reproducibility
  • This product has been the best-selling of its kind since release, and is the center of Arthrex’s Operation Room suite for orthopedic procedures

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