Engineering Firms in Boston: Why Goddard Chose New England as Our Home

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As an engineering firm in Boston, we have an intimate familiarity with the exceptional companies and people that work to build innovative technology in this region. Here are the top three reasons why Goddard is proud to call New England our home.

1. We strive to create products that change lives – and the Massachusetts MedTech industry is the perfect complement to that mission.

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Goddard’s product development experts have tackled a diverse range of technologies and we love working on consumer tech and industrial robotics. But there is a special joy that comes from contributing to the life-saving technology that emerges from the Massachusetts MedTech industry.

Medical technology is a thriving industry in Massachusetts. The state is home to nearly 500 medical device OEMs (original equipment manufacturer). It ranks first in the nation with medical device exports as a percentage of total exports. It is second in medical device patents, as well as PMA and 510(k) approvals from the FDA. And it is third in the country for medical device employment, according to the medical technology trade association MassMedic.

Goddard is proud to have worked with many of the great MedTech companies that are in our very own backyard.

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2. Access to some of the most prestigious and forward-thinking healthcare centers in the world.

Part of researching and developing innovative medical devices and life science technologies involves testing these products in healthcare settings or consulting with healthcare providers. There are few places in the world better equipped for that task than New England.

With leading healthcare providers and state-of-the-art hospitals easily accessible from our East Coast office, the Goddard team is able to leverage these resources and create more useful and patient-centric products.  It’s just one of the many benefits of being an engineering firm centrally located in New England.

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3. We can draw talent from New England’s phenomenal education system.

Goddard Team - Design Engineering firm in San DiegoAt Goddard, we staff our teams with engineers and designers who are creative, technically savvy and energized by solving complex problems. We find talented team members in a bevy of different ways, but one route is through the many esteemed engineering programs located right here in New England.

We have team members from Northeastern University, Wentworth Institute of Technology, Columbia University, Dartmouth College, and more.

Goddard has been contributing our engineering and design expertise with a team based in New England for more than 20 years. And in 2019, we made the decision to expand our reach and embrace a second home for our company by opening a branch in California.

Like Massachusetts, there is a tremendous volume of important work being done by MedTech, biotech, and industrial robotics companies in California. Since the launch of our California office in 2019, we have expanded our West Coast team and contributed to exciting, innovative projects with new clients.

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