Meet the Team: Ash Shenoi


Introducing Ash Shenoi, our Director of Human Factors at Goddard. With a crucial role at Goddard Technologies, Ash ensures that everything we develop is human-centered and ready for the real world.

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Ash: Hi! My name is Ash, and I’m the Director of Human Factors at Goddard. I have always been passionate about what influences people’s lives. And eventually then realized that maybe my inclination for personality was more towards design. I’m able to influence how the technology is shaped and how it is designed. And I get a very close interaction with the people who use that technology.

At Goddard, something unique I have observed is every engineer, I still find that they do keep the user at the forefront. Each one of us comes with a very strong passion to make that difference and really want to build something that people can use. That is that common value that I find links all of us. It is a desire to go above and beyond and deliver something exceptional.

I think Human Factors Engineering really is about putting the human being at the center. To me, it’s really about blending that lens of design and people-centered perspective with the engineering process. And I think that marriage of the two is what Human Factors Engineering has always been about. Very often that user experience and the design becomes your differentiator. Whether it’s a process, whether it’s the actual design, whether it’s an internal process, whether it’s an interaction with the client. Every individual is very passionate about bringing that unique perspective and improving things and doing it better and in a more innovative, creative way than it has been done in the past.

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