Innovation Takes Flight at Goddard’s Paper Airplane Contest


Goddard Technologies employees have a wide range of specialties. But we challenged them to do something a little different. In (an early) celebration of National Paper Airplane Day, Goddard Tech hosted a paper airplane contest at both our East Coast and West Coast offices.


The twist? Every team or individual competing could only use one sheet of 8.5” x 11” printer paper without any additional supplies to build their aircraft. And they only had fifteen minutes to build their plane.

On Thursday, 5/23, dozens of paper airplanes took off into Goddard Tech’s East and West Coast office airspace. Two trophies were awarded at each office – one for longest time aloft and one for greatest distance. And it was a tight race! Goddard East’s winning pilots were Bill Litelpo (Distance) and Thomas Griffin (Time Aloft). Goddard West’s winners for distance was Kate Parker and time aloft was Andrew Barron.

While we do have aviation expertise on our teams, we don’t just build paper airplanes. Goddard Technologies supports your product development process from start to finish, or any step in between. Learn how we can make your inspiration a reality here.

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