July 19th, 2017:If you’ve ever watched the Bachelorette, there is a point in the show were the camera pans out to witness the protagonist, glossy eyed, contemplating, over four pictures of her four different...read more
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July 5th, 2017:We’ve all had people around us stress the importance of preparation. Most of us know that before a project begins, there are usually team kickoff meetings to discuss Gantt Charts, project plans, cost...read more
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June 21st, 2017:A few months ago, a co-worker shot me with a dart from across the room to get my attention. Jumping up out of my seat and removing my headphones, I realized that I could get a NERF® gun and I...read more
June 7th, 2017:As I was driving home the other day on windy back roads, I noticed that I was hitting a lot of yellow lights. Of course, like any rational human being, I put the pedal to the metal to make it through...read more
June 7th, 2017:For those who plan to attend MD&M East next week, Goddard will be exhibiting at Booth 1767. We encourage you stop over and say hello! If you haven’t signed up to attend the show, use promo...read more
May 24th, 2017:As product designers and consultants, a frequent request is for products to be designed with an intuitive user interface (UI). While UI is often the term used to describe the images on, and...read more
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May 11th, 2017:Since the turn of the century, there has been a surge of interest and ideas in environmentally conscious products. Almost the entire range of goods commercialized in the world now have an eco-...read more
May 1st, 2017:BIOMEDevice is returning to Boston, and Goddard is excited to be exhibiting yet another year in a row. We'll be over at Booth 211, so come say hi and find out what's new with our team! We...read more
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April 26th, 2017:After a brief, two year hiatus from my articles on the product development process, I am back with the next step in this undertaking!  If you are interested in the early phases of our process,...read more
April 12th, 2017:There are many articles and books discussing product development; however, an area that I personally find to be a challenge within a medical device company is navigating the design transfer process...read more
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March 29th, 2017:There are many decision points along a project’s lifespan. One often brushed aside decision is Means of Joining. As anyone who’s delved into the Titanic’s sinking and similar structural disasters...read more
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March 15th, 2017:Recently, I found an old pocket knife that had been given to me years ago burried in my closet. The blade was in rough shape due to being poorly sharpened in the past. Today is the day I bring it...read more
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February 15th, 2017:Have you ever noticed your energy levels dropping as the afternoon rolls around? It feels like you are no longer being productive? If you do, you are not alone. According to the Bureau of Labor...read more
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February 2nd, 2017:If you're someone like me, you struggle between either having a very green or very brown thumb. This is no joke, my friends. I've managed to kill many a cactus. Yet, somehow, you can give me a peace...read more
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July 13th, 2016:“They all understand what it is to strive for something… to want to be someone you’re not, to want to achieve something that’s just beyond reach, whether it’s professional success or wealth or...read more
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June 14th, 2016:Join us at the Peabody Essex Museum for the #pempm after-hours party this Thursday from 6-9 pm! We'll be out in the Asian Garden with Tinkineer demonstrating how we used a laser cutter to create...read more
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